Jersey Law, a novel by Ron Liebman


“Being a lawyer never looked so good…or so dangerous!  Mickie and Junne are outright heroes.  But warning:  If you hate lawyers now, you’ll love them after Jersey Law.”
– Nancy Grace, host of HLN’s Nancy Grace as well as Swift Justice and author of Death on the D-List.

“It’s engaging and often funny. Colorful characters and a clever plot are supported by believable portrayals of the judicial system, legal ethics, and the street-level drug trade.”
– Booklist


Ron Liebman has been a practicing lawyer specializing in litigation, both criminal and civil, since the 1970’s.  As a federal prosecutor he was involved in the criminal cases against former Vice-President Spiro T. Agnew, former Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel as well as other corrupt former public officials.  As a defense lawyer in private practice he has represented banks, oil companies, foreign government officials and an assortment of other unjustly accused and innocent companies and individuals—okay, maybe not all.

He is the author of the novels Grand Jury, Death By Rodrigo and the non-fiction Shark TalesTrue and Amazing Stories from America’s lawyers, and his new novel Jersey Law, released June, 2011.